Friday, 20 July 2012


    Salam Ramadhan...Here's the entry to Vietnam on November 2011. We departed from LCCT 4.40pm... Now everyone can fly to Vietnam, hehhe..Btw, at LCCT there are many choices of food that can be choosen. Do not worried about food and the prices are affordable compare to KLIA.  So I don't eat anything during the flight becoz my stomach is full already.
     This is actually a request from my husband to followed him to Vietnam becoz he loves the see the history of war between vietnamese and the US..
 i just followwww..

    Arriving At Thanh Soo Nhat Airport..

    From the airport, we took a taxi to our An Tam Hotel at district 1. 
    I am really shocked to see and found that many motorcycles on the road
    rather than cars... There are quite a number of motor riding here and   there.. and sometimes it nearly met an accident but actually there are not... so funny..malaysians should try to ride a motorcycle like this. very discipline, give and take....

   I noticed that in Vietnam there are so many parks/garden in the town area and the people like to lepaks and chit chatting everywhere.... tak der kerja ke ni... hehehe....

                Hubby check in. The hotel is 2 star hotel, new and clean...Along the District 1, there are so many hotel, so for Malaysian, do not worry ...
                   toilet in the room - clean and complete
                       small wardrobe, flat screen tv, etc....
                      the lobby area
We only ate bread and eggs during b/fast becoz lack of halal food

But that 1st nite, we walk along D1 and found this rest....

                  Halal@Saigon Restaurant at last...
                This rest. owned by a muslim Cambordia people.. all sorts of food are served here @ malaysian food too such as nasi lemak, mee goreng, etcc
But we decided to try vietnamese beef noodles, kerabu, vietnamese spring rolls and Sajadda coffee..the taste of coffee is ummphh..the food deliciousss
Inside the rest, there a many Malaysians....
                      the food is quite expensive and I'm using US Dollars
                      nice decor in the rest.... nice people too,  huhuu
     After dinner, we stroll along Ben Thanh nite market, the place that is famous with woman's things like tudung, telekung, baju kurung, t-shirt, wallet, bags,and many more....

  We must try to bargain the goods at a lowest price .
At the nite market, there were also a stall selling fresh fruits like mango, papayas, etc.. and it's cheap

That's all the entry for the first day... got to go now..

Till then, byee

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