Saturday, 15 September 2012


Vietnam - Day 2

We woke up early as we have been told that Chu Chi tunnel is our destination for today. I'm really exited to see the tunnel for myself. 

here we are at the hotel's cafe for b'fast..

  Yes, we're ready to explore Chu Chi....

On our way to Chu Chi, we gone through District1 area...
                                town area - benh Tanh market
     Motorcycles are the major transportation in Vietnam

The journey tooks about 1 1/2 hours and when we reached District 2, the scenary are differents becoz' we are begins to enter the kampungs area where there are not so many modern buildings like D1.
In our couch, there are tourist from US, Hong Kong and Thailand.  My husband busy chit chatting with them while I take nap and I really miss my kids a lot.

                    gift shop at Chu Chi
                         Chu chi tourist's guide

     The video session about Chu chi

    this is where vietnamese lives during the war (inside the colony)

                   1st - My hubby challenge himself to go into the hole


                      he dissapeared in the hole, OMG!!!

Next, lets enjoy the pics....

        i really cannot breathe inside the tunnel but it's really a great xprience

              this is our group frm US, H. kong and Thailand
    we are given a tapioca and a tea for refreshment


             the vietnam popia skins

       at the entrance of chu chi tunnel
Overall, my trip to Chu Chi tunnel was a great experince and journey that cannot be bought or sold, you must go and feel it yrself. Log on Buletin Untai Kata edisi 3 for more stories
about my journey..

See ya in Vietnam Part 3....

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