Thursday, 11 April 2013



What is that symbol means for - the tree house, the tree and people jumping around and the answer - PLAY.

Lets escape from the hustle and bustle of urban life and make a move to ESCAPE.

Well, Escape Penang situated at Teluk Bahang. This place is new and officially opened to public on 8 December 2012.  The place attracts teenagers and kids and their family to enjoy the game offers as well as to get close to the nature.  I remember during my childhood playing pondok - pondok, climb up trees (not the big one) etc. So this place rediscover  the kids in you.


On 28 Mac 2013, Mamarich&Co. and had a quality time together for team spirit. We bought the ticket from that is much cheaper.

The acitivities that day :-

                                                       Monkey Business (stage 1)

                        this is about  balancing skills

                                                                 Kak Wati


                       my first time doing this kind of thing, i'm nervous but i'm getting better and better when my confidence level higher. Thks to my frends who guides me that day..

My frend continue to 2nd stage but I surrender ...enuf for me, hahhaaaa

                                                     2nd stage is getting tougher....Ta.....

                                             here comes Kak Wati acting like spiderwoman

                                                               Nora in action...

 oh my...posing ..posing...

Tubby Racer

image : google

 At first we must do hiking and bring along the tube.   This game are really fun, we enjoy exhilarating journey downhill but no foto taken this time.

Gecko Tower

Tarzan Rope
Swinging like a tarzan, lala lalalalalaa...........keep away stess...............

Makan Time ...

                                       the meal is quite expensive for a place like this....and the taste was so-so.

Treetop Cabana is rented to public for RM150 per day

                                                                       gift shop

That's all for this moments..till we meet again Escape..
Escape waterpark 2014..

Thank you Mr. Sim....


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