Monday, 25 June 2012


Hi all.... last Sunday I'm having my lunch at Delicioussssssss.. and  this is the first time i'm eating Berry Chocolate Pavlova.. Just for your info, the texture of pavlova are sweet.. a bit crispy at the bottom and creamy on top and just nice when they put strawberry too to minimize the sweetness.. but I think this is the first and last I'm trying this cake... not my type.....

                                 this is my dish - Spaghetti Carbonara

                                  nurul's like Strawberry Cheese Cake

                                                      Aiman Loves Mac & Cheese

                                         he likes Trad. Tomato Spagg..

I love the environment and decor of Delicious and i'm enjoying my food in peace...

After finishing the meal, we heading to Straits Quay Convention Centre to survey for the MITM Travel Fair.


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