Saturday, 16 June 2012


My family and I went to a new Gurney Paragon Mall at Gurney Drive. The place are quite happenning and many people go there to enjoy the nice view and there's a live band (minus one), a few nice cafe but I don't see the mall yet.

We are having a nice dinner at Italiannies.... what I can say from this place..the food is amazing... the way they treat us is very polite, a lite music, nice ambiance...very well served.... an A+ restaurant...

The picture below tells the whole story.........

                                                      grape shakes

                                              spag. meatballs & margherita

                                                     angel hair pomo
                                                 spag. bolognaise

                                              carbonara pasta

The kids gets the meal for free when both of us took the main course...
Overall, the foods tastes good and the price affordable.. we will pay a visit next time babehhhh...

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